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About Sara

Sara was born in 1979 on a US Naval base in Okinawa, Japan. She was raised in a planned community in suburban Maryland, nestled between Baltimore and DC. After a fairly typical elementary school experience, in 6th grade she began a lifelong dissatisfaction with the education system, then expressed by clinging to the bedpost and refusing to attend, or walking home at lunch without permission. A brief immersion experience in a posh private school followed.
The small class sizes, large windows, and individual attention suited her for life, and no school would do thereafter; including everything her parents could afford. Spurred by an early, tragic desire to make money so that she could afford to attend schools with large windows, she began the second half of her childhood immersed in various entrepreneurial ventures. After finding homeschool an acceptable compromise, at the end of ninth grade, she dropped out of school entirely and got her GED right away so that she could focus on her own projects. She started taking community college classes at sixteen in anything that piqued her interest, and generally preferred her education à la carte.


Her entrepreneurialism continued into her late adolescence and early adulthood. Surrounded for so many years in an environment with other small business owners, she eventually developed an interest in graphic design so that she could help others achieve their visions. This led to a decision to attain her bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from MICA, graduating in 2010, just after her thirty-first birthday.


Having spent the past two years in NYC and most of her life on the East Coast, she recently moved out West to reside in beautiful San Francisco with her little dog, Thurber.